Search Engine Optimization

Getting Friendly with
Google and Bing!

Search engine optimization enhances your brand visibility and drives targeted traffic to your site, generating inquiries, leads and sales. With our SEO program your website becomes an extremely cost efficient marketing tool.

Our SEO process begins with a thorough understanding of your business and your target market. We then work with you to determine which search terms or keywords are likely to be used when someone searches for your products or services. We determine the most relevant keywords and search phrases that produce the highest number of searches. In addition, we check for less common keywords that could drive niche business to your site.

Next, we conduct a detailed analysis of your website's strengths and weaknesses from a search engine perspective. We examine your web page design and layout, your content, your structure, and the number and quality of in-bound links to your site. Finally, we review your competitors' rankings for your keywords and examine their in-bound links.

On-page Optimization

Our comprehensive on-page work includes:

  • research and interview-based keyword and key phrase determination
  • a thorough review of the structure and functionality of your website
  • a comprehensive examination of page titles, meta tags, alt tags, heading tags and emphasis tags
  • new page creation where appropriate
  • a comparative evaluation and analysis of competitors' sites
  • development of uniquely optimized web pages to ensure your content is easily understood by your audience as well as the search engine robots
  • review and adjustment of internal links
  • technical adjustments to eliminate problems due to pop-up windows, framesets, flash, javascript navigation, non-compliant code, dynamic urls and incorrect robot settings
  • url rewriting where appropriate
Off-page Optimization

Our comprehensive off-page work includes:

  • a comparison of back links to your website and competitor sites
  • an evaluation of the quality of back links
  • analysis and selection of keywords and key phrases for off page links
  • determination of appropriate high quality back links - directories, associations etc.
  • recommendations and implementation to create high-quality back links

Following our initial search engine optimization efforts, we'll continue to monitor your rankings, make any fine adjustments to your site and provide you with ranking reports.